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Falcosaur Mount

by Jazalyn(Star), 323 days ago

Users have been working together to piece together the Falcosaur questlines--there are over 60 total in 7.1 that send you to dungeons and raids and more with your baby dinosaur! In addition to mounts, pets, and toys, today players discovered finishing one questline will unlock the Talon's Vengeance faction.

From Serabi's comment on Wowhead this morning:
Step 1: Obtain any falcosaur hatchling (but choice does have an impact later on)
Step 2: Complete the falcosaur's quest line. This questline involves leveling the pet to 25, doing pet battles, completing world quests, and killing dungeon and raid bosses (the raid boss is why the pet choice matters, as some of the targets are in Nighthold. For completing a quest line, you also get a mount.
Step 3: Go to Aviana in Highmountain. I approached her while mounted on the falcosaur mount and with the pet out, on a level 105. Talking to her, she has a new dialog option. Following this rewards the Ivory Talon.

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Trial of Valor

by Jazalyn(Star), 338 days ago

Trial of Valor is a new mini-raid coming several weeks after the launch of Patch 7.1. Here's everything we know about the raid so far:

Table of Contents

Trial of Valor Overview

Since Loken's betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to claim the souls of his valarjar champions. In recent days, however, great heroes have arrived in the lands of Stormheim in the Legion's wake. Hoping that their might and determination could tip the scales and end Helya's reign, Odyn summons these champions for a final test.


Trial of Valor is intended to wrap up the Stormheim questline and serve as a mini-raid in between Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold. 

Trial of Valor will open on November 8th US/November 9th EU, two weeks after the Karazhan dungeon opens. Mythic and LFR will likely open the week after, following the schedule for past raids.

Defeating Helya on Mythic difficulty ( The Chosen) awards the title %s the Chosen.

Trial of Valor Quests

Players upon logging in for 7.1 will find a raven in Dalaran. This will start the quest series  A Call to Action A Threat Rises Helya's Conquest, and  Odyn's Favor.

This will unlock new  Helarjar World Quests. These are found all over the Broken Isles, to show Helya's corruption is spreading.

Trial of Valor Loot

Loot from Trial of Valor is +5 ilvls higher than Emerald Nightmare Loot:

  • LFR: 840+
  • Normal: 855+
  • Heroic: 870+
  • Mythic: 885+

There is no Tier loot with set bonuses from Trial of Valor. However, there are a number of relics from the bosses:

  • Odyn: Holy, Arcane, Iron
  • Guarm: Shadow, Fire, Frost
  • Helya: Storm, Fel, Blood, Life

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Good News from Blizz

by Jazalyn(Star), 349 days ago

Reputation will not be made account-wide, no, but we will be easing a couple of linked features with 7.1.

First, Court of Stars and The Arcway will now unlock account-wide once each individual dungeon is completed once on an account.

Second, World Quests will no longer have the "friendly" reputation unlock requirement for secondary/alt characters. Once you hit 110 on an alt, you will immediately receive a quest to speak with Khadgar to receive your  Flight Master's Whistle and unlock World Quests, as long as you've already unlocked World Quests on your main.

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